English Crash Course


Start date: 7th February
End date: 24th March


    • Letter Identification (Uppercase Letters)
    • 3D letters
    • English Vocabulary session
    • Lowercase Letters
    • Consonant Sounds (A to Z)
    • Short vowel ‘a, e, i’ Sound
    • Short vowel ‘o, u’ Sound
    • Drawing with vowels
    • Blending sounds to read CVC words with vowel ‘a,e,i’
    • Blending sounds to read CVC words with vowel ‘o,u’
    • Old McDonald’s Farm
    • Vegetable Names
    • Vegetable Printing
    • Singular or Plural (Nouns)
    • Fruits Names
    • Fruit Basket Clay Modelling (Fruits Name)
    • Colour Names
    • Birthday card
    • Number names: One to Ten
    • Drawing animals with numbers
    • Tortoise and the hare
    • Action words
    • Land Transport
    • Water/Air Transport
    • Paper boat model (water transport)
    • Days of the week
    • Months of the year
    • Seasons’ Drawing
    • Talking about myself
    • Doubt Clearing Session