Social Science VII

Last updated: August 4, 2022
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It is said that human being is social animal. We need a society to live and sustain our life. And if we are so much dependent on society, we can’t ignore learning about it.
In social science, we see the history of humankind, how it started to live, the methods and struggles it faced to make modern states. We can learn about all the mistakes that we had done in the past and avoid repeating them. We study about our glorious past and culture and learn a lot to make our future prosperous.

We study the nature of society, its behavior, and various laws through which we can create peace and spread fraternity. We see how people discriminate and accumulate different sections of people.

We also learn about the topography, climate, and other variables that make a good habitat for us where we can live and lead our generation to a better world.

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