In order to make our content, piracy-free and prevent it from copyright infringement, we need to look upon a few laws regarding the same.

  • IT ACT of 2000
  • Copyright and Trademark Act

For a better user experience, our terms and conditions should be in a language that could be read and understood by a common man, we can avoid hardcore legal terms.

We need to make a transparent privacy policy, so our consumers feel safe to share their data. While releasing our videos to a third party or outsourcing it, we should keep the copyright and monetary issues in mind.

Some of the guidelines which can be used as a source of inspiration to frame ours: –
Harmful or Dangerous Content:

  • We at FirstinClass believe the Platform is a safe space for learners and educators alike and would like your help in ensuring that it remains so. Keeping this in mind any content which incites or promotes violence that may cause physical or emotional harm or endanger the safety of any individual is expressly prohibited on the Platform. Content that requires references to harmful or dangerous acts solely for educational purposes are allowed. The sale and promotion of any regulated or illegal goods is not allowed.
  • The Platform is to be used only for the permitted uses as detailed under the Terms and Conditions.

Hateful Content:

  • We realise that there may be instances when there are exchange of ideas and opinions which is essential in the learning process, while we agree that individuals have the right to voice their opinion, we do not encourage or tolerate any hate speech.
  • Hate speech is any content where the sole objective is inciting hatred against specific individuals or groups with respect to but not limited to race or ethnic origin, country caste, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation/gender identity etc.

Violent and Graphic Content:

  • FirstinClass is an educational Platform and the content uploaded is restricted to educational content alone, content that is violent or graphic is prohibited. You are requested to ensure that if there are references being made to violent or graphic situations of instances, it should solely be for education purposes.
  • Content whose sole objective is to sensationalise, shock or disturb individuals is not allowed. FirstinClass does not allow any content related to terrorism, such as content that promotes terrorist acts or incites violence, is not to be uploaded on the Platform in any manner.

Harassment and Bullying:

  • FirstinClass Platform is used by many users on a daily basis and it is important to be respectful and kind to your fellow users, we do not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying on the Platform and strive to keep the Platform a safe space to foster learning.
  • Harassment in this case would include but not be limited to abusive videos, comments, messages, revealing someone’s personal information, including sensitive personally identifiable information of individuals, content or comments uploaded in order to humiliate someone, sexual harassment or sexual bullying in any form.


  • Posting untargeted, unwanted and repetitive content in lessons, comments of messages with an intention to spam the Platform and to drive traffic from the Platform to other third-party sites is in direct violation of our Terms and Conditions.
  • Posting links to external websites with malware and other prohibited sites is not allowed. The use or launch of any automated system in any manner that sends more request messages to FirstinClass’s servers in a given period of time that is more than a human can reasonably produce using a conventional on-line web browser is prohibited and you can take a look at our Terms and Conditions for more details on the same including exceptions to this prohibition to public search engines.

Misleading Metadata:

Misuse of title, description, tags, thumbnail and bios and other features which constitutes the Metadata on the Platform is not allowed. Using these features to trick or circumvent our search algorithms is prohibited.


Any content uploaded/posted in order to trick others for their own financial gain is not allowed and we at FirstinClass do not tolerate any practices of extortion or blackmail either.

Please refer to our copyright policy provided in our Terms and Conditions to know more about proprietary information relating to User Content and FirstinClass Content.

Privacy Violation:

Kindly refer to our Privacy Policy given here to know how to protect your privacy and respect the privacy of other users. If you believe that your privacy has been violated is any manner where a user has knowingly or unknowingly disclosed any information on the Platform be sure to reach out to the User and if that is not possible, please feel free to approach us at any time so we can take the necessary steps to remove the content.


  • Impersonating another person is not permitted while using the FirstinClass Platform. In this case impersonation would mean the intention to cause confusion regarding who the real person is by pretending to be them. This can be done by means of using names, image, documents, certificates etc. not belonging to you or not used to identify you.
  • Pretending to be a company, institute, group using their logo, brand name or any distinguishing mark would also amount to impersonation and could also be a potential trademark infringement.

Interaction with FirstinClass:

  • At FirstinClass offices we treat each other with respect and have a healthy and supportive work environment. We believe in hands on interaction with our users to help them navigate and gain the maximum benefit from the platform. Should you find yourselves interacting with any person from FirstinClass please ensure that you maintain the same decorum you would while using this Platform.
  • We do not encourage any communication with FirstinClass employee of staff that is hateful, abusive or sexually suggestive in any manner.