Many of us have often wondered about our children’s communication skills and spoken and written English. We at FirstinClass believe all children can quickly learn a language with the right techniques. Lingua boost is a program meant to boost the already developing communication and written skills of children through our phonics programme, pronunciation, and grammar classes. Our experienced teachers will assess and realize the unique skills of each child and boost their already developing English speaking skills so that all our children will speak confidently and effectively.

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I just love you Kim, you fixed my life and made me a better person. How did you do it?

Dora Handle

I'm someone who struggled with weight. Kim helped me get in better shape.

David Shlemer

Now I am fit like the girls you see on MTV. While that wasn't my initial goal, now I'm really into it.

Tara Malnic

The workout helped with my depression and low self esteem, as well as with my abs.

Mika Sumner