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Some p-Block Elements

  • In this chapter we know about the general characteristics of p-block elements. Then we study about group 13 elements : electronic configuration, atomic radii, ionization enthalpy, electronegativity, physical properties, chemical properties. Then we know the important trends and anomalous properties of boron then some important compounds of boron (borax, orthoboric acid, diborane). Then we know uses of boron and aluminium and their compounds. Then we discuss about group 14 elements : electronic configuration, covalent radius, ionization enthalpy, electronegativity, physical properties and chemical properties. Then we know about important trends and anomalous behaviour of carbon. Then we study about allotropes of carbon : diamond, graphite, fullerenes; and uses of carbon. After that we know some important compounds of carbon and silicon (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, silicon dioxide, silicones, silicates, zeolites).