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Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

  • In this chapter we first learn about the approach of KOSSEL-LEWIS towards chemical bonding (which include octet rule, covalent bond, Lewis structure, formal charge, limitations of octet rule). Then we know about Ionic or electrovalent bond and lattice enthalpy. Then we discuss about bond parameters ( bond length, bond angle, bond enthalpy, bond order, resonance structures and polarity of bonds). Then we study about VSEPR Theory; Valence Bond Theory which include orbital overlap concept, directional properties of bonds, overlapping of atomic orbitals, types of overlapping and nature of covalent bonds, strength of sigma and pi bond. Then we discuss about hybridisation its types then Molecular Orbital Theory, Bonding in some homonuclear diatomic molecules and finally we discuss about the Hydrogen bonding its cause of formation and its types.